Advertising Flyer Template

An advertising flyer template is a single page pamphlet layout used for detailing any advertising content. Such a document must be constructed by highlighting the indispensable qualities of the matter that is to be advertised so that it becomes successful in grabbing public attention.

Advertisement of everything (be it a product a firm sells or a service provided or any event etc.) is of great importance if the efforts are to be deemed successful, and flyers are a very good way to do this. The advertisement flyer template given here will make it convenient for any promoter to construct a flyer for advertising the commodity in question. It is very easy to use this template as the individual is just needed to fill the required details in the template.

Sample Advertising Flyer Template

Advertising Flyer Template

Download Advertising Flyer Template

Quote ___________________________ [mention such an advertising quotation so that it is successful in grabbing public attention and motivate them to go through the details of the rest of the flyer]

Name of the organization ______________________________ [mention the name of the organization by whom the advertisement flyer has been designed for the purpose of selling and promotion]

Specialist in ___________________________ [mention the specialized areas of the organization]

Advertisement Content: [In this section give the details of each product or services that is to be advertised on the flyer]

  • Name of the advertisement Content 1 _____________________________

Description ___________________________

Cost ____________________________

  • Name of the advertisement Content 2 _____________________________

Description ___________________________

Cost ____________________________

  • Name of the advertisement Content 3 _____________________________

Description ___________________________

Cost ____________________________

Special attraction: [In this section mention about the special attraction like prizes, gift hampers, concession etc. on availing any product or service of the advertisement content]

  • Special Attraction 1 ____________________

Description of special attraction 1 ____________________

  • Special Attraction 2 ____________________

Description of special attraction 2 ____________________

  • Special Attraction 3 ____________________

Description of special attraction 3 ____________________

Availability: [mention the details where and when the advertisement content could be availed]

Location __________________________

Availability days, time or date _______________________

Contact number ______________________

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