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A bakery brochure must advertise the confectionary and savory items offered by the bakery to customers. Customized cakes are also a big draw and the bakery brochure can advertise, in a very colorful manner, the various cakes and other items on offer. Thus, a bakery brochure template is a guide to the framing of a bakery brochure. The template is like a ready to use document which is used by bakery owners when they are not aware of the format to be used in a brochure. This also helps them to save valuable time by not drafting the brochure from the scratch. The best thing however is the fact that these templates can be modified and personalised to suit the bakery’s specifications and promotional needs. Samples of the same can be found on this website.

Sample Bakery Brochure Template



Download Bakery Brochure Template


Name: _____________________________________ [Name of the bakery]

Year of establishment: ___________________________ [Mention the year the bakery opened]

We offer: _____________________________________ [Mention the range of confectionary offered by the bakery including cakes, frozen desserts etc.]

The savory items we offer: ___________________________ [Enumerate the savory items offered by the bakery like sandwiches, pizzas etc.]

Our prices start from:

  • Confectionary items: _______________________$
  • Savory items: _____________________________$

Our customized cake service: _______________________________________ [Provide details of the customized cakes service offered by the bakery including advance booking charges, notice that must be given and other details]

Contact number: _____________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

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