Beauty Parlour Pamphlet Template

A beauty parlour pamphlet template is a ready to use document which has been drafted in such a way that it suits and comes into use as a beauty parlour pamphlet. Such templates consist of blank spaces where users can fill in their personal details.

Sample Beauty Parlour Pamphlet Template:

Beauty Parlour Pamphlet Template

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Name of the beauty parlour: _____________ [mention here the name of the beauty parlour] Address of the beauty parlour: ___________ [mention here the complete address of the beauty parlour] Contact number of the beauty parlour: ___________ [mention here the contact number of the beauty parlour] Introduction: _______ [name of the beauty parlour] has been into existence since___ [year] and has since then changed lives in a more beautified manner. This parlour has not only seen success but also has achieved rewards in terms of customer satisfaction and seen them come back and become regular clients.________ [give a few more lines about the parlour] Facilities offered: Our beauty parlour provides the following facilities:

  • Day/night make up
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair dressing and hair cutting
  • Waxing
  • Bleaching, facial and face masks
  • Hair dying
  • Pedicure, manicure[our special fish pedicure is one of the most popular ones in the city
  • Spa service
  • Nail art
  • Threading
  • Full body massage
  • Hair spa
  • [give other facilities]

Our rates are reasonable and most of our customers find our services worthy of the price they have to pay. Our staff is friendly and understands your personal needs and requirements. Visit us and get a whole new experience of experiencing beauty.

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