Billing Invoice Template

A billing invoice template is a formal presentation of billing invoice track sheet in which the accounts department fills the billing details and estimate the total amount to be paid by the second party. Such a template can be different depending upon the type of the organization and criteria of working. The template is a customisable document which is left with blank spaces so that users can modify the template as per their billing needs. The entire format and structure of the billing invoice is already present in the template which means that users do not have to worry about getting the outline correct. Any such template is therefore very useful and user friendly in nature. Given below is a sample of billing invoice template for your requirement.

Sample Billing Invoice Template:

Billing Invoice Template

Download Billing Invoice Template

Invoice Number: _____________       Date: ____________

Sent Via: _____________


Name of the Organization: ______________

Address: ____________________________

Contact Number: ______________________

E-mail Address: ______________________ [details of the sender’s organization]


Name of the company/ Firm/ Individual: ___________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________

E-mail id: ____________________________ [details of the recover organization]

Details of the invoice:

Name of the Good/ product     Description    Ordered numbers     Unit Price    Amount

______________________      ___________    _______________     _________   ________

Total amount to be paid the receiver: _________________

Including Taxes: ___________________________________

Gross Amount to be paid: ____________________________

Terms & conditions:


_________________________ [talk about the covenants to be considered according to the sender organization norms]

Prepared by: ___________________

Checked by: __________________

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