Breast Feeding Pamphlet Template

Breast feeding pamphlet template is a written document mentioning the benefits of breast feeding to an infant. These types of pamphlets are generally used by hospitals, medical centers and other such places.

Sample Breast Feeding Pamphlet Template:

Breast feeding Pamphlet Template

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Strong Immune health: – _________________________________ [mention about anti bodies being passed to the infant baby through breast feeding]

Anti- infective: – ____________________ [mention about all the anti-infective features]

Infections: – ______________________________ [mention how it lowers the risk of infection in babies]

Intelligent Quotient: – ________________________ [mention about effects on brain development of the newborn]

Helps reduces diseases in future:-

  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Less childhood obesity
  • Reduces tendency to develop skin allergies
  • Less overweight

Mother-baby bonding: – _________________________________ [mention how breast feeding strengthen the mother-baby bond]

Hormones: – ______________________________ [mention about relaxing hormones being produced in the body of the mother]

Weight loss: – ______________________________ [mention how breast feeding helps in loosing post pregnancy weight]\

Postpartum infertility: – ___________________________ [mention about delay in ovulation due to breast feeding]

Place: – _____________________________ [mention about the suitable places for feeding your child]

Time: – ____________________________ [mention about the time gap between each feeding session]

Latching on: – ____________________________ [mention about the appropriate method of latching]

Feeding positions: – _____________________ [mention about various feeding positions]

Expressing milk: – __________________________ [mention about ways of expressing milk in a bottle for rare occasions]

Duration of feeding: – ____________________ [mention age of baby till which breast feeding should be given]

Exclusive breast feeding: – ________________ [mention till what age a child should be exclusively breast fed]

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