Cleaning Quotation Template

There are some service providers who aim at cleaning and maintaining your properties. You will need to fill a Cleaning Quotation Template if you are looking to avail such services and you want to get an estimate of the costs involved. Based on your individual needs, preferences and requirements, the company will quote its prices to you.

“You can Download the Free Cleaning Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Cleaning Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Cleaning Quotation Template

Cleaning Quotation Template

Download Cleaning Quotation Template

Name ______________________________ (Name of the person who is filling the template)

Residential ____________ / Commercial __________________ (Tick whether the property that needs to be cleaned is a residential or a commercial one)

Name of Company ________________________________ (Name of the Company in case of commercial property)

Address _________________________




(Address of the property that needs to be cleaned)

Age of Property _______ (How old the property is?)

Kind of debris ___________________ (What kind of debris has built up in the property, which needs to be cleaned)

Chemical based ____________/ Natural Methods ______________ / Mix _______________ (Indicate whether you are ok with chemical based methods of cleaning, or you are looking for 100% natural methods. If the property is too dirty, then some chemical based methods can be used as well

Maintenance needed _____________ (We also provide maintenance services for your property. If you agree to get registered to our regular maintenance services, then you will avail special discounts and offers)

Price Quote __________


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