Cocktail Menu Template

Cocktail menu templates are used by hotels, restaurants and bars owners to have a readymade format in which the menu of the cocktails is prepared. These types of templates contain the name of the cocktail, their description as well as price.

You can Download the Free Cocktail Menu Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Cocktail Menu Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Cocktail Menu Template

Cocktail Menu Template

Download Cocktail Menu Template

___________________________ [Name of the hotel/ restaurant/ bar]

________________________ [address of the hotel/restaurant/bar]

Contact Number __________________

Cocktail Menu

__________________ [Cocktail name1]


_______________________ [description of the cocktail 1]

Price ______________ [Mention the price of cocktail1]

__________________ [Cocktail name 2]


_______________________ [description of the cocktail 2]

Price ______________ [Mention the price of cocktail 2]

__________________ [Cocktail name 3]


_______________________ [description of the cocktail 3]

Price ______________ [Mention the price of cocktail 3]

__________________ [Cocktail name 4]


_______________________ [description of the cocktail 4]

Price ______________ [Mention the price of cocktail 4]

__________________ [Cocktail name 5]


_______________________ [description of the cocktail 5]

Price ______________ [Mention the price of cocktail 5]

The cocktails will take an approximate preparation time of around 15 minutes.

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