Commercial Lease Template

A commercial lease template is a very handy document for processing lease documentation as an official transaction between the lessor and the lessee. Both the parties can fix the details of the rent that is agreed between them and record in this commercial lease template. The template lays down a well structured format to be used in any such lease agreement document. The major part of the content such as the terms and conditions, details of commercial lease etc are already present in the template so that users can save their time and not spend it on drafting a commercial lease agreement from the scratch. Infact users can customise the template to suit their specifications. Given below is a sample of a commercial lease template.

“You can Download the Free Commercial Lease Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Commercial Lease Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Commercial Lease template:

Commercial Lease template

Download Commercial Lease template

Reference Id:     ___________________ [Give a unique reference Id of the transaction]

Details of the lessor: [The lessor may own a flat, individual house or commercial holding]

Name: _____________ [First name followed by last name]

Address line1: _____________________

State: ___________ City: ______________ Contact number: ______________

Details of the lessee:

Name: _______________________

No. of members in the family: ____

Previous address: _________________________________________________

State: ___________ City: ______________ Contact number: ______________

Agreement details:

As per the discussion between the lessor and lessee, the house with address _________________________________________ belonging to _______________________ [mention the name of the owner of house or commercial space] will henceforth be used by ______________________________ [provide the name of the lessee] for the period starting _______________________ [provide the start date of using the home with the date format DD-MON-YYYY].

The lessee has to pay a rent of _____________ [mention the amount of rent for the commercial space] for each month. The amount has to be paid by ________________ [provide the due date of paying rent each month] of every month. Any changes in the date have to be notified with prior permission from the owner.

Date of entering into transaction: _____________________

Signature of the Lessor: _______________

Signed by the Lessee: ________________ [both the parties are validating the agreement by signing]

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