Cooking Class Pamphlet Template

A cooking class pamphlet template is a readymade pamphlet which is used for the purpose of promoting a cooking class. These kinds of pamphlet templates are useful because they help cooking classes to get ready to use pamphlets for their use.

Sample Cooking Class Pamphlet Template:

Cooking Class Pamphlet Template

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Name of cooking class: _________ [mention the name of the cooking class]

Name of the cooking class teacher: ____________ [mention the name of the cooking class teacher]

Address of the cooking class: ____________ [write down the full address of the cooking class]

Contact number of cooking class: _________write down the contact number of the cooking class]


________ [name of the cooking class] cookery classes specialise in ___________ [name of the cuisine or cuisines] and not only have expertise in great cooking but also good quality teaching. We have taught over 400 people and most of them have returned to us with a wish to learn more. [Give a few more lines about the cookery class]

The following is a schedule of our classes for the coming month:

Topic                 date                  timings

  • Sandwiches                1’St July             4-5 pm
  • Italian                        2’nd July            1-4 pm
  • Snacks                      3’rd July             2-4 pm
  • Non veg snacks   4’th July             5-7 pm
  • Thai food           5’th July             4-6 pm
  • Mexican food              6’th July             3-5 pm
  • [give other such details]

We teach the following in each category:

Sandwiches-[give the types of sandwiches taught]

Italian-[give the Italian items taught]

Snacks-[Give the names of snacks taught]

Non veg snacks-[give the names of snacks taught]

Thai food-[give the names of Thai food items taught]

Mexican food-[give the names of Mexican food items taught]

[Similarly give other such details]

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