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Cover letter templates play an important role for accompanying the letters sent for some official and business purposes. A cover letter template is chosen according to the requirement. Such a cover letter template is enclosed with applications, proposal letters and resumes, etc. A cover letter template provides an overview to the reader regarding the subject of the attached documents. Hence, a well drafted cover letter is an important piece of document.

Cover letter template types:

  • Proposal cover letter template
  • Internship cover letter template
  • Fax cover letter template
  • Sales cover letter tempests, etc

Following points should be taken care while preparing a cover letter template:

  • Date on which letter is sent.
  • A column should be spaced for the name, designation, organization address of the receiver.  The details of the sender must be written right below the recipient details in the cover letter template.
  • Do the salutation properly before starting the matter of a cover template.
  • Talk about the matter, subject and issues for which the cover letter template is drafted.
  • Mention in cover letter template that you are enclosing the actual resume, proposal or any other document.

Cover letter template should be closed with the signature of the sender.

Sample Internship Cover Letter Template:

Internship cover letter template

Download Template

Sample Sales Cover Letter Tempest:

Fax cover letter template

Download Template

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