Depression Quiz Template

A depression quiz template can be used as a guiding document to make quiz questions on the subject of depression. The quiz does not test the knowledge of the person. It is intended to understand the mental calmness or stress that a person is feeling. So there are no definite right answers to these questions. It just takes the opinion and judgement of the person and decides the level of depression he is facing in his life.

You can Download the Free Depression Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Depression Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Depression Quiz template:

Depression Quiz Template

Download Depression Quiz template

Name of the Quiz:       ____________________________

Designed by:              ____________________________ [Give the creator of the depression quiz]

Following are some of the multiple choice questions on depression. Please choose the option that you think is right among the options given below each question.

1. Do you have clarity of mind? [This question tests the mental clarity and disturbance of the person]

a)   Yes absolutely [Provide your options here]

b)   No

c)   Hardly

d)   Sometimes yes and sometimes no

2. How well are you able to make decisions on time? [This question tests the decision making ability of the person]

a)   Always [Provide your options here]

b)   Never

c)   Rarely

d)   Quite often

3. Do you feel disturbed and stressed?

a)   Mostly [Provide your options here]

b)   Never

c)   Always

d)   Sometimes

4. Do you feel you can succeed in your pursuits?

a)   Very much [Provide your options here]

b)   Sometimes

c)   Very rarely

d)   Not at all

5. How often do you spend time with family and friends? [This question tests how social the person is]

a)   Every day [Provide your options here]

b)   Once in a week

c)   Once in a month

d)   Rarely in a year

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