Diet Food Menu Template

A diet food menu template is the format in which the menu is designed in a restaurant serving diet food or in the cafeteria of a health centre or a gymnasium. The details mentioned in the menu are the variety of food available categorized under different sections and also the calorie content and price of the food.

You can Download the Free Diet Food Menu Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Diet Food Menu Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Diet Food Menu Template

Diet Food Menu Template

Download Diet Food Menu Template

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Food item:                                                       Price:                                       Calorie content:



Orange juice                                                    ____________________       _________________

Grape juice                                                       ____________________        _________________

Cranberry juice                                                ____________________       _________________

Apple juice                                                       ____________________     _________________

Mixed fruit juice                                              ___________________       _________________


Green salad                                                      _________________       _________________

Fruit salad                                  _________________         _________________

Russian salad                                      _________________      _________________

Roasted chicken salad                          _________________     _________________


Boiled chicken sandwich                       _________________          _________________

Green salad sandwich                           _________________          _________________

Tuna sandwich                            _________________          _________________

Low fat mayo sandwich                                  _________________         _________________

Cereals (served with milk and honey):

Corn flakes                                                    ________________          _________________

Oatmeal                                                         ________________         _________________

Muesli                                                           ________________        _________________

Protein shakes                                               ________________        _________________

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