Doctor Letterhead Template

A doctor letterhead is a letterhead which is used by doctors to write prescriptions or tests etc. for their patients. A letterhead certifies that a particular prescription or recommendation has been made by the respective doctor. The letterhead template given here is a pre-prepared document which serves the purpose of a doctor’s letterhead once the respective doctor has filled in all the required details as per the indications in the brackets. Once the information is filled the letterhead is particular to the doctor and only he/ she can use the letterhead thereon for whatever medical purpose they wish to use it for.

You can Download the Free Doctor Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Doctor Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Doctor Letterhead Template

Doctor Letterhead Template

Downlaod Doctor Letterhead Template

Medical Logo

[In the box above provide the logo of the clinic or medical institution where the respective doctor works]

Name of the institution

[Write the name of the medical institution]

Doctors name

[Write the name of the doctor who will be using the letterhead]

Doctors specialty

[Mention the field in which the respective doctor specializes like pediatrician etc.]

Content of the letterhead

[This space will include the content of the letter such as the prescription etc.]


Contact No.                                                                                                                 Street Address

[mention the contact nos. of the                                                   [Mention the street address of the

Doctor/ medical institution]                                                                                             institution.]

Fax No. [Mention the fax no. of the medical                                                         City and zip code

Institution/ doctors office]                                                               [Mention the city in which the

Web Address                                                                                                    institution is located

[Mention the website of the medical institution                                         along with the zip code ]

Or the email address of the respective doctor]

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