E-Mail Campaign Template

E-mail campaigns refer to e-mails that are sent out to a number of recipients that form part of a group recipient list. An e-mail campaign is a convenient way of reaching out to many people regarding a particular issue without the need to send individual e-mails. This e-mail campaign template can serve as a guide for writing e-mail campaigns.

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Sample E-Mail Campaign Template

E-Mail Campaign Template

Download E-Mail Campaign Template

From: Michael James mjames@specialb.com

Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2008

To: Undisclosed recipients

Subject: Petition for Children’s Rights


I trust that you are well and in good health.

Presently, there has been growing concern over the issue of children who are engaging in work in our local factories. Investigations have revealed that these children are working under cruel conditions in an environment that poses serious health risks.

As a community, we cannot sit back and allow this kind of injustice to go on any longer.

In addition, a petition is being sent out for the purposes of bringing an end to this illegal activity of child labor.

Your signature will be able to secure the rights of these innocent children.

Thank you for your participation in this noble cause.

Warm regards,

Michael James

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