Election Card Template

Election is the process which gives the citizen or a group of people the right to choose their leader. An election card template is used to know the format in which an election card is made. It gives the details of the electoral candidate who is appearing for the election and gives him an identity from others. These templates act as the layout of an actual election card and help authorities to save their time which would have been otherwise used up in drafting of these extensively detailed documents. Any such template is used to save time and have a well formatted document to fill in personal details. The customisable nature of these document make them quite popular and widely used. Samples of such cards can be found on this website.

Sample Election Card Template:


Election Card Template

Download Election Card Template

_____________________ [name of the party]

Party for the people, of the people and by the people. Vote for us.

_______________ [address of the party office]

_______________ [party office contact number]

________________ [party office fax number]

[Image of the person standing for election]

Vote for: _______________ [name of the candidate standing for election]

Standing for: _________________ [the position for which the electoral candidate is standing]

Address:  Street address: ___________ Name of city: ____________

State: _________________   Postal code: ____________

Date of birth: ___________

Contact number: _____________

Email number: __________


Signature of the candidate

Date issued on: _________________

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