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An email letterhead refers to a letterhead which an individual or an entity uses for convenience whenever he or she has to send an email for mostly professional purposes. The letterhead in a way certifies that the information is sent by the respective individual/ entity and not by a third party. The letterhead is particular to each individual and can be used by that individual only or by someone else on authorization by that individual. The email letterhead template given is a sample document which will serve all the purposes of a regular email letterhead and can be used by anyone who needs to frame a letterhead for themselves.

You can Download the Free Email Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Email Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Email Letterhead Template

Email Letterhead Template

Download Email Letterhead Template


[If being used by an entity then insert a logo in place of the box]


[Mention the name of the entity or the individual who is sending the email]


[write the physical correspondence address of the sender of the mail]

Contact No.

[Provide with the senders contact no. (mobile or telephone)]

Fax No.

[Write the fax no. of the individual/ entity sending the email]


Name of the recipient

[Write the name of the recipient of the email]


[Write the physical correspondence address of the individual]

Contact No.

[Write the contact nos. of the recipient of the email]

Dear ____________________

[Write an appropriate salutation and title for the recipient]

Content [Begin writing the content of the mail i.e. the information or data which the sender wishes to provide to the recipient]


[name and signature of the sender]

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