Employee Questionnaire Template

An employee questionnaire template is very useful when the intention is to conduct a survey among employees for any employee related topic or issue. An employee questionnaire template can be on employee grievances like compensation and benefits, or on training and development feedback, etc. The main aim of the employee questionnaire template is to improve the facilities that are to be provided to the employees so that the overall productivity of the organization can be enhanced. One sample employee questionnaire template is presented below for providing you a much greater detail on employee questionnaire template.

You can Download the Free Employee Questionnaire Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Employee Questionnaire Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Employee Questionnaire Template:

Employee Questionnaire Template

Download Employee Questionnaire Template

Employee Questionnaire

[Mention the name of the department or organization along with a small introduction]

This employee questionnaire is a part of _____________ which we are conducting to improve ___________________________________________________ [Mention the reason for administering the employee questionnaire]. We expect your kind cooperation in this regard.

Yours sincerely

______________ [Here you can mention the name of the organization administering the questionnaire]

Details of the respondent:

Name of employee: ____________________ [Mention the name of the employee]

Company: ___________________ [Company working for]

Department: ________________ [Department or Business unit falling under]

Designation: ____________________ Questions: [Sample questions are given below.]

1. What is your aim of joining this organization?

a)  __________

b) __________

c) __________

d) __________ [You can list the options here]

2. Do you think firms recognize employee contributions fairly?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Only to a certain extent

3. How do you handle stress at work?

___________ [This is an open-ended question which is to be answered by the respondent]

[Include other questions on various employee related topics or issues]

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