Employee Termination Checklist Template

Whenever a company or an employer decides to terminate an employee, he/she may create a list of the items which the employee needs to return to the company or the things that may be disabled after the termination. This kind of a list is known as an employee termination checklist.

An employee termination checklist is a formally drafted list of items that can be checked off once the item has been ticked off. An employee termination checklist template is a document which helps one frame an employee termination checklist.

An employee termination checklist template has the format which is needed in such checklists and is also divided into divisions and sections that can help one jot down the items of the list. The customizable nature of such checklist templates makes them very useful and so popular.

The template has blanks as well as the instructions which can be used to fill up those blanks to result in a completed and professional looking checklist.

To get one such template, you can log online and search for the format of the template you like the best. These templates can then be downloaded and printed for free or for a nominal price depending upon the site.

Sample Employee Termination Checklist Template:



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