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An event proposal template is the first step of planning for organizing an event. It contains details like the reason for organizing the proposed event and the assumed cost for organizing that event. An event proposal is essential if the event management company is looking for sponsorship of that event. So the proposal needs to be a detailed one and the topic interesting so that it is to make the sponsors agree.

An event proposal template such as the one given below provides the format that must be followed when an individual prepares to propose his/ her plan for an event. Anybody can use this template and reduce their work load by merely filling in the details of the proposal they plan to make. The proposal is the first step towards organizing an event. Thus the proposal must be made in a manner that presents the idea in the best possible way by making it appeal to the authorities.

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Sample Event Proposal Template:

Event Proposal Template

Download Event Proposal Template

_________________ [reason for the proposal letter]


________________ [name of the sponsor to whom the proposal is being submitted]

_______________ [proposed date of the event in dd/mm/yy format]

Event outline:

____________ [name of the event]

____________ [topic on which the event is based]

_____________ [estimated duration of the event]

List of activities                                                                   Budget

__________________                                                       ______________

__________________                                                     ____________________

____________________                                               ______________________

_______________________                                            ______________________

[Activities taking place in the event]             [Allocation of budget to each activity]

Total:                                                             ______________ [total cost]



[President of the event management committee]

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