Export Agreement Template

An export agreement template is a document which provides an example of the manner in which an actual export agreement must be written. The export agreement template must be such that it addresses all the key areas of such a document, and can be used easily by both amateurs and professionals. It should be clear, crisp and professional and care should be taken to ensure it is in conformity with legal demands. Infact blank spaces must only be left at those places which need to be filled in with the personal information or customisable points of the user.

Any export agreement template is a useful document for many export organisations who do not have the time to pay attention to each export deal. In those cases and the ones where the person is framing a document like this for the first time, these templates prove to be quite helpful.

Sample Export Agreement Template:

Export Agreement Template

Download Sample Export Agreement Template

The following document is an export agreement document effected between ____________________ [name of company A] and _________________ [name of company B]. The details of the export agreement document are provided below:

  • Product to be exported by company A to company B: _____________________ [mention the product that is at the centre of this export agreement document]
  • Company A is based in: _________________________ [name of the country form which the product will be exported]
  • Company B is based in: _________________________ [name of the country to which the product will be exported]

Terms and conditions:

  • Company B will have to produce evidence of selling the exported product within a certain time frame, failing which the product will have to be sent back to company A.
  • The export agreement is valid for an initial trial period of ____________________ years [mention the duration for which the export agreement document will be valid]
  • The date of commencement is: _____________________ [dd/mm/yy]
  • The date of termination is: ____________________ [dd/mm/yy] [mention the relevant dates]

Signature of representative from company A: ___________________________

Signature of representative from company B: ___________________________

Signature of advocate: ________________________

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