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Free Newsletters are mostly used by organizations to advertise about their products and services to the current and prospective customers. Traffic on the web is increasing everyday due to the increased and newer modes of communications like the newsletters, mailers, pamphlets, etc. Free newsletters are used to draw traffic on the net and increase the customer base of the companies. The companies put a significant amount of investment in these kinds of communications and hence it is necessary to make the free newsletter effective. Therefore to help you prepare a good and effective newsletter, we have provided a sample free newsletter template below.

You can Download the Free Newsletter Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Newsletter Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Newsletter Template

Free Newsletter Template

Download Free Newsletter Template

____________________________ [Mention the name of the company]

___________________ [Specify the name of the free newsletter template]

___________ [Mention the date of the issue]

Newsletter edited by: ______No. of pages: _______

Company website: ___________

Phone: _______________

Fax: _______________

E-mail address: ___________

About _________ [Put the name of the company and mention a brief description below]
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Products [or services that that company produces or delivers and in what way they are beneficial to the customers]


In this issue: [Mention the news items here]

  • [Item 1] by [editor1]
  • [Item 2] by [editor2]
  • [Item 3] by [editor3]
  • [Item 4] by [editor4]
  • [Item 5] by [editor5]

  1. [Headline1] feature covered by [editor1]
    1. [Short description of the headline news]
    2. [Headline2] feature covered by [editor2]
      1. [Short description of the headline news]
      2. [Headline3] feature covered by [editor3]
        1. [Short description of the headline news]
________ [Company name] in the news:__________________________________________________________
What do our customers say about us:[Mention what do reader’s have to say about the company]

  • [Response1]
  • [Response2]
  • [Response3]

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