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A free travel template is a pre-constructed layout which embodies the major information about a specific travel location and other details related to it. It gives away the tourist highlights, cuisine and accommodation details of the holiday spot in an elaborate and expansive format informing and enlightening the interested travelers about the place and at the same time bringing the pros and cons of traveling to the limelight. The document is supposed to make people aware of the history and geography of the place and, thus, it marks sufficient area for inclusion of the historical and geographical facets for people who visit with specific aims like education and research. Thus the template would help not only in constructing an attractive travel document but also in providing useful and valid information covering law to politics.

You can Download the Free Free Travel Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Free Travel Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Travel Template:

Free Travel Template


Download Template


Order No.: ____ [Mention serial number]


Agency name: __________ [Mention the name of the travels]

Years of service: ___________ [Indicate the number of service years since its beginning]


Address: __________ [Mention full address of its main office]

Telephone: ________ [Mention phone number]

Website: _________ [Mention website name]

Tourist location: _____________ [Mention the name of the location promoted via this]

Travel Information:

Accommodation: _________ [Mention the hotel’s name]

Things to carry: [State the names of the essential things]
1. 2.
3. 4.
Location Highlights: [Provide necessary details]

Spot Name

Approx. Distance from Hotel

Description of the Spot’s Grandeur

Schedule: [Draw a sketch of the proposed schedule]



Arrival Time

Departure Time

Last date of booking: _________ [Mention the deadline]
Legal Terms: [State the conditions]


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