Graduation Party Invitation Template

A graduation party invitation template shows how a guest invitation card is framed for the graduation party celebration. Such kind of unique celebration marked a special moment of an individual’s life.

Graduating is an important benchmark, and after all the hard work it’s the time to party. This graduation party invitation template is a pre- framed document which once completed will serve the purpose of a regular graduation party invite. The user of the template must complete the template by filling in the details of the party he/ she is throwing or is helping his friends throw. Once the blanks are filled they have an invite which can be forwarded.

“You can Download the Free Graduation Party Invitation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Graduation Party Invitation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Graduation Part Invitation Template

Graduation Part Invitation Template

Download Graduation Part Invitation Template

_______________________________ [Name of the person who has completed the graduation] of the class ______________ [Mention the year of graduation] has graduated from ______________________________ [Mention the name of the university from where the graduation degree in being obtained].

Therefore, ____________________ [Name of the invitees or guest] are cordially invited to mark this special moment at_________________ [mention the venue of the party] on ___________________________ [Day and date] at _____________ [time].

On this occasion a _________________________ [Mention about the special attraction] has been arranged, which would be a special attraction of the party and could be the best way of congratulating a graduate.

Do not miss out as your presence is highly expected.


[Name of the inviter]

RSVP :___________________( contact of the inviter)

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