Home Tuitions Pamphlets Template

Home tuition pamphlet template is a way of advertising about the available home coaching for students of various fields in various subjects. They reach door to door of students informing them about coaching facilities available to them.

Sample Home Tuition Pamphlet Template:

Home Tuitions Pamphlets Template

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Name: – __________________________ [mention name of the coaching institute]

Address: – _______________________ [mention location of the home tuition institute]

Contact number: – ____________________ [mention all the required contact numbers]

Classes: – ___________________ [mention for which standard home tuitions are provided]

Field: – _______________________ [mention for which field of subjects tuition is provided]

Gender: – _________________________ [mention the gender of the available tuition teacher]

Days: – ________________________ [mention if the tuition is on daily basis then on which days tuition classes are conducted]

Months: – ____________________________ [mention how many days a month tuitions are conducted if on monthly basis]

Annual tuitions: – ___________________________ [mention weather tuitions are available annually also]

Groups: – ____________________________ [mention number of students in one group]

Individual: – ____________________________ [mention weather tuitions to individual students are provided or not]

Individual Fee: – ___________________________ [mention the tuition fee to be charged by the tuition teacher in individual]

Group fee: – ___________________________________ [mention fees charged from students for teaching in groups]

Package: – __________________________________________ [mention about the available packages]

Reduction: – ____________________________ [mention if any reduction in prices is offered]

Free trials: – _________________________ [mention if free trials are available for students]

Discounts: – _____________________________ [mention about any discounts offered by the coaching centre]

Tests/Exams: – __________________________ [mention about the emphasis on mock tests being conducting time to time to ensure progress]

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