How to write a Agreement Template

An agreement template is a pre-designed format that lays down the pattern for defining the terms and conditions upon which a professional relationship between two parties may be forged to further some business, political or personal interest. It is a legally approved document that may be drafted to commemorate the commencement of a new business contract or the initiation of a deal.

Based on the kind of agreement signed, agreement templates can be of various types like lease agreement template, confidentiality agreement template, prenuptial agreement template, construction agreement template, license agreement template, management agreement template, investment agreement template, so on and so forth. It may be used for professional or personal purposes and drafted as per the requirements of the occasion.

However, despite the variation of its purpose, there are certain basic factors that must be there in all agreement templates. These are:

  • A unique agreement number and the date of registration must mark the agreement template.
  • The template must have provision for incorporating all relevant personal and contact information about the two parties involved in the deal.
  • The template must bear lineation for stating the purpose of the agreement and thereby defining the relationship between the two parties.
  • There must be space for inserting termination dates that would seal the validity period of the agreement.
  • The template must have provision for entering payment clauses and mentioning the duties and obligations that would guide one through the implementation of the purpose of the agreement.
  • The template must clearly state the terms and conditions that would safeguard the sanctity of the deal and the breach of which would invite legal actions against the guilty.
  • Any agreement is effective only when it is validated and vouched for by the signatures of the two parties involved. The template therefore must have such provision.
  • In order to preserve the validity and truth of the agreement, such a contract must be signed in the presence of an eyewitness. The template must therefore bear lineation for incorporating the signature of the eyewitness.

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