Indian Breakfast Menu Template

An Indian breakfast menu template is the format in which a menu should be designed in a restaurant serving Indian breakfast. The details mentioned in the menu include the different food items and the price of the items. The food items are also categorized under different divisions.

You can Download the Free Indian Breakfast Menu Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Indian Breakfast Menu Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Indian Breakfast Menu Template

Indian Breakfast Menu Template

Download Indian Breakfast Menu Template

_________________ [logo of the restaurant]

_______________________ [name of the restaurant]

Restaurant timings are from ____________ [opening time] to ____________ [closing ti

Indian breakfast

(Breakfast is available from ________ [time] to ________________ [time])

South Indian:

Item                                                                  Price

  • Plain idli                                             __________
  • Rawa idli                                            __________
  • Masala idli                                          __________
  • Sada dosa                                          __________
  • Masala dosa                                               ___________
  • Rawa dosa                                         ___________
  • Onion dosa                                         ____________
  • Uttapam                                            _____________
  • Onion uttapam                                            _____________
  • Sada vada                                          ____________
  • Sambar vada                                              ____________
  • Upma                                                        ___________
  • Poha                                                 ___________

(All the above items served with sambar and chutney)

North Indian:

  • Aloo paratha                                                       ______________
  • Onion paratha                                                     ______________
  • Chole bathure                                                     _____________
  • Puri sabji                                                    _____________

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