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An information brochure template is created for the express purpose of addressing queries and providing information in an easy and comprehensive manner. There can be a wide variety of information brochures depending on the nature of information sought, form college and school admission brochures to the information manuals for electronic goods. These templates are aimed at giving information about a particular topic which can be only done if the user adds certain details himself in the spaces provided as blanks. The rest of the format or structure is pre drafted and can be readily put to use. Thus these templates serve the purpose of many people and organisations as they save time as well as they are the most inexpensive ways to provide information.

Sample Information Brochure Template



Download Information Brochure Template


Information brochure for year: ____________________ [Mention the relevant year]

Name: ________________________ [Name of institution or company who has published the information brochure]

Year of establishment: _____________________________ [Year of establishment of the organization]

Our motto: ___________________ [Mention the principles and values of the company in the information brochure]

The services we offer are:

  • Service/course 1: ______________________________
  • Service/course 2: ______________________________
  • Service/ course 3: ______________________________

[Mention the services offered by the company. In case of an educational institution, mention the courses offered]

Charges: ____________________________ [Mention the charges of services and courses in the information brochure]

Contact number: ____________________

Email id: __________________________ [Mention the relevant contact information]

Signature: __________________________ [Head of company/institution/organization/event management]

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