Interview Schedule Template

An interview schedule template is the fundamental structure that helps in the creation of an interview schedule. There can be many types of interview – some for jobs or internships, others for getting admission into institutes of higher learning. Whatever be the situation in which the interview is taking place, a schedule must be made so that the applicants knows when to arrive for the interview, how much time he has and where he has to go. Since there can be a large number of applicants, especially in case of interviews at educational institutes, a schedule helps the interviewer to arrange and organise all the interviews so he gets a chance to meet everyone.

You can Download the Free Interview Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Interview Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Interview Schedule Template:

Interview Schedule Template

Download Interview Schedule Template

Name of organisation: [Insert the name of organisation, institute or company where the interview will take place]

Address: [Insert address and other contact details of organisation]

Venue of interview: [Mention address of interview and if it is same as the organisation’s office, then write same as above]

Date: [Insert date and day when interview will take place]

Name of applicant [Insert name of interviewee] Post/course [Mention post or class for which interviewee has applied] Time of interview [Insert time and number of hours allotted] Name of interviewer [Insert name of person taking interview] Designation of interviewer [Mention post of interviewer]

Special notes: [Insert any notes related to the interview which might have a direct effect on the schedule like expectant holidays, special timings etc]

Comments: [Insert any comments by the interviewer about the interview schedule or the candidates]

Signature of interviewer: [Add signature of interviewer]




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