Invoice Letterhead Template

An invoice is a receipt or record of the items that a certain entity sells (or purchases) to (or from) some other entity. The invoice letterhead is a document which a firm or an entity uses as its invoice and that invoice is stamped under the entity’s registered name. A particular invoice letterhead is particular to the respective firm and can be issued by only those who are authorized by the managers of the firm. The invoice letterhead template here is a sample which will serve the same purpose as a regular invoice letterhead once the user fills in the required information as indicated in the brackets.

You can Download the Free Invoice Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Invoice Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Invoice Letterhead Template

Invoice Letterhead Template

Download Invoice Letterhead Template


[In the box above place the logo of the firm/ company]

Name of the entity

[Write the name of the firm/ company whose letterhead is being framed]


[Write the official address of the firm/ company complete with city and zip code]

Contact No.

[Write the contact no. of the firm/ company]

Web Address

[Write the web address]


Name: _________________ [write the name of the other party]

Contact No.: __________________ [Write the contact no. of the customer]

Address: ________________ [Write the address of the customer]

Serial No.[Mention the serial no of the item purchased/ sold] Description/ Particulars[Give the particulars of the sold or purchased items i.e.  characteristically describe the items being purchased or sold] No. of the item[Mention the number/ quantity of each item purchased/ sold] Amount per unit  (Rs.)[Mention the price per unit]


Total amount[Write the total amount for the total purchase/ sale]

Total amount: _______________   [Mention the total amount]

Tax :               _______________    [Mention the amount of tax to be paid]

Grand total:    _______________    [Mention the amount payable]

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