IT Assessment Template

An IT assessment template is a document which analyses the IT structure of a company and ensures that changes which are productive and necessary are made to it. Care should be taken to ensure that the IT assessment template provides a clear layout of the actual report, with separate spaces marked for the various segments of the report. The IT assessment must be carefully written, with the template adding clarity to the form as well as the content. It must be kept general however so that even amateur users can use the template to create their own IT assessment reports with some modifications.

Sample IT Assessment Template:

IT Assessment Template

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<Company Name>

<Company Logo>


IT assessment report compiled by: _____________________________ [Mention the name of the company which will analyse and present the IT assessment report]

IT assessment report compiled for: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the client company]

Purpose of IT assessment:

  1. ____________________________________
  2. ____________________________________
  3. ____________________________________

[Mention why there is a need for an IT assessment in the client company]


[Provide a schema for the step by step procedure of an IT assessment, adding relevant inputs in the spaces provided below]





Emphasizing actions
Evaluation of recommended control choices
Analysis of cost and benefit relationship
Selection of suitable control
Division and subletting of responsibility
Development of a backup plan, and adequate safeguarding of work chart

Date of completion of IT assessment: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy]



Mode of Achievement

Time Required

Increasing value of IT investments
Improving success ratio and initialising IT projects
Ensuring consistent IT architecture and improving flexibility
Increasing capacity for innovation and daring thinking

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