IT Brochure Template

An IT brochure template is a document which provides information about the IT services offered by a company. It must be comprehensive yet concise and must cover all the areas of concern to be informative. The template can be used as a readymade document which only needs a few details to be added which are used to personalise the brochure. This can be done as spaces are provided in the template where an individual can add IT service related facts and company’s activities in this sector. Thus the template acts as a saviour for those who wish to save their time and device inexpensive methods to promote their IT department.

Sample IT Brochure Template

IT Brochure Template

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Name: _____________________ [Name of IT Company]

Contact number: ___________________

Email id: _________________________ [Mention the relevant contact details]

Software’s we specialize in: _________________________ [Mention the software’s which the IT Company specializes in]

Our core team consists of:

  • Member 1:_____________________ Work of note: ____________________
  • Member 2: _____________________ Work of note: ____________________
  • Member 3: _____________________ work of note: ____________________

The IT services we currently offer: ____________________________________ [Mention the It services offered by the company like data solution, data storage etc.]

Our charges: ___________________$ [Mention the fess the IT company charges as per services offered]

Our prior work experience: ________________________________________ [Mention some notable work done by the IT Company in the recent past for credibility]

The values we stand for, and the principles we follow: ______________________________ [Mention relevant work ethics]

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