Joomla Travel Template

A Joomla travel template which is a prewritten document which can be used to serve a travel agency for designing of websites, newsletters etc…Such templates come with a fully detailed outline structure for a travel agency product and needs not to be filled with information of the travel agency as per requirement and need. These kinds of templates are widely used.

You can Download the Free Joomla Travel Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Joomla Travel  Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Joomla travel template:

Joomla Travel Template

Download Joomla travel template

Name of travel agency: ______________ [write down the name of the travel agency/company]

Logo of travel agency: _____________ [write down the name of the travel agency]

Motto of the travel agency: _______ [write down a motto or saying of the travel agency]

Contact number: ____________ [write down the contact number of the travel agency]

Email address: ____________ [write down the email address of the travel agency]

Special ongoing offers: ___________ [give details of the various ongoing travel offers]

Special season treats: _____________ [give details about all the season specialities]

Best deals in town: _________ [give details of the best deals and offers which are being offered by the travel agency]

Special offers for honeymoon couples: ________ [give details of best deals being offered especially for honeymoon couples]

Special offers for family travel: ___________ [Give details of the special family travel offers]

Special offers and packages for religious outings and travel: ____________ [give details of the special offers which are being offered specially for the purpose of spirituality or religion]

Reduced airline fares: ___________ [give details of the best airline fares available]

Reduced railway fares: _________ [give details of the best railway fares available]

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