JSP Quiz Template

A JSP quiz template can guide quizzers to prepare quiz questions related to JSP. The quiz can contain questions on JSP coding, comparison with other coding languages, JSP and servlet comparisons, JSP semantics, etc.

You can Download the Free JSP Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. JSP Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample JSP Quiz template:

JSP Quiz Template

Download JSP Quiz template

Name of the Quiz:       ____________________________

Designed by:              ____________________________ [Give the creator of the JSP quiz]

Following are some of the multiple choice questions on JSP. Please choose the option that you think is right among the options given below each question.

1. Which of the below statements show the linkage between JSP and servlets? [This question tests the comparison of JSP with other applications]

a)   Servlets are developed on JSP codes [Provide your options here]

b)   Java and Servlets are not related to each other

c)   Servlets and Java are competing technologies and are not compatible with each other

d)   JSP is developed on servlet codes and not vice-versa

2. What is the feasible alternative to embedding Java code directly within the HTML markup of our JSP page?

a)   Move the code into your session manager [Provide your options here]

b)   Move the code to scriplets

c)   Move the code to Javabeans and servlets

d)   Move the code into a transaction manager

3. What is the best way to code for factored forward into a servlet? [This question tests the ability of the person to code in the most effective manner]

a)   Code which is common across requests [Provide your options here]

b)   Code which is vendor customised

c)   Code for database access

d)   Code specific to the client scope

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