Kids Birthday Party Menu Template

Kids birthday party menu template is a format which lays down the design of the menu prepared at the kids birthday party. This type of template contains all the details about the food that would be served at the birthday party of a kid.

You can Download the Free Kids Birthday Party Menu Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Kids Birthday Party Menu Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Kids Birthday Party Menu Template

Kids Birthday Party Menu Template

Download Kids Birthday Party Menu Template

Another year came, so lets celebrate the______________ [mention the year] birthday party of _____________________ [name the kid whose birthday is being celebrated]

Cake, chocolates and candies:

[Name of Cake type 1] __________________

[Name of Cake type 2] __________________

[Name of chocolates] ___________________

[Name of candies] ________________

For Lunch


[Name of starter 1]________________

[Name of starter 2]________________

Main course dishes:

[Name of main curse food 1] _____________

[Name of main course food 2] _____________

[Name of main course food 3] _____________

[Name of main course food 4] _____________

[Name of main course food 5] _____________


[Name of dessert 1]____________

[Name of dessert 2] _____________

Let us enjoy the food and have loads of fun with the birthday _____ [mention boy or girl]

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