Kids Quiz Template

A kid’s quiz template is a written ready to use kids quiz format which is written in order to make to it easy for people to conduct quizzes without having to waste time on framing. All that needs to be done is to customise the quiz according to own convenience. Such quizzes are conducted for kid’s events and in school quiz competitions.

You can Download the Free Kids Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Kids Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Kids quiz template

Kids Quiz Template

Download Kids quiz template

Name of Quiz: ___________________

Total time for quiz: __________________minutes

This quiz is conducted for kids aged between ___years and ________years

Name of kid: _________

Class: ______________

Age ________ years

The following are the questions which must be answered:

  • Which is your favourite outdoor game?[Meant to know kid’s outdoor game habits]

a)   Hide and seek

b)   Racing

c)   Swings

d)   Ball game

  • Which is your favourite indoor game?[meant to know kid’s indoor game habits]

a)   Carom board

b)   Doll house

c)   Cards

d)   Written game

  • Do you like to watch TV?[Meant to know kid’s TV watching habits]

a)   Yes

b)   No

  • Which is your favourite food?[meant to know kid’s food habits]

a)   Noodles

b)   Bread and butter

c)   Pizza/burger

d)   Milk and biscuits

  • Who is your favourite member of family?[meant to know about kid’s family]

a)   Mummy

b)   Papa

c)   Brother

d)   Sister

  • Where do you go on vacations?[meant to know about holiday trend]

a)   Out of city

b)   Grandma’s place

c)   At home

d)   Picnic

  • Do you like to eat toffees and chocolates?[meant to know about personal choice]

a)   Yes, very much

b)   Yes, little bit

c)   Not very much

d)   No

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