Kindergarten Website Template

A Kindergarten website template is the layout of a preschool’s website where they generate information on various segments like child’s preliminary education, admission procedures etc to answer the questions which a parents generally have before admitting their ward in kindergarten.

You can Download the Free Kindergarten Website Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Kindergarten Website Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample kindergarten website template:

Kindergarten Website Template

Download Kindergarten website template

Name of the kindergarten school _____________________________

Contact details ____________________________

Our motto __________________________________ [give a strong motto, which would give a clear idea about the school authority’s purpose]

About us ______________________________________________________________________________ [This section gives an overview of the entire kindergarten school including the information about the facilities and education that is being provided]

Role of the teachers for your toddlers:


[Mention in details about the teacher’s role in imparting preliminary education to the students]

Admission Procedure:

  • For lower kindergarten ________________________________________________________________________
  • For upper kindergarten


[Mention the admission procedure of the school in details]

Fees structure:

  • For lower kindergarten students monthly fees is ____________________
  • For upper kindergarten students monthly fees is ________________

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