Legal Letterhead Template

A legal letterhead refers to the letterhead which is designed to be used by the lawyers/ law firms or those entities which are deal with law. The letterhead template given here is a sample document which has been designed in keeping with all the format requirements of such a letterhead. The template can be used by anyone who needs to frame a letterhead for themselves by merely filling in all the required details as indicated in the brackets that are provided in the template itself. The letterhead can then be used by those only in whose name the letterhead is framed.

You can Download the Free Legal Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Legal Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Legal Letterhead Template

Legal Letterhead Template

Download Legal Letterhead Template


[insert the logo of the lawyer/ law firm or the entity whose letterhead is being framed]

Name of the entity

[Fill in the name of the individual lawyer/ firm or the entity in whose name the letterhead is being drawn.]

Address of correspondence

[Write the physical address of correspondence of the entity whose letterhead is being framed]

Contact No.

[Write the contact no of the respective entity which will use the letterhead.]

Web Address/ Email Address

[kindly write the website URL of the entity or a correspondence email address]

Content [From this space begin writing the content of the letter and provide all the information that the user wishes to spread by the way of the letterhead.]

Date [Write the date on which the letter is being issued]

Stamp / signature [provide the stamp of the authority along with the signature of the issuer of letter]

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