Marketing Brochure Template

A marketing brochure template is the layout of that document which gives potential client or customer insight about your company and the products manufactured. This is one of the effective tool for marketing any product or service in the market. Any marketing brochure template is a ready to use document which consists of the major points which must be present in any marketing brochure. These points must be attractive enough to result in the sale of the product. The spaces which are left as blanks must be filled with personal or product related information by the user of the template. Thus these templates are customisable in nature and can be personalised as per the user’s specifications or product requirements.

Sample Marketing Brochure Template



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Name of the company _________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________

Tagline ______________________________________________

Products manufactured: [mention the existing products of the company along with its description and acceptance in the market]

Product 1 _____________________________________

Description of product 1 ________________________________

Customer review of product 1 ___________________________________

Product 2 _____________________________________

Description of product 2 ________________________________

Customer review of product 2 ___________________________________

Product 3 _____________________________________

Description of product 3 ________________________________

Customer review of product 3 ___________________________________

Marketing of earlier products: [through pie charts, statistics and data explain the marketing of earlier products]


Upcoming products or advancement in earlier products:

Upcoming product ______________________

Description of upcoming product _______________________

Release date in market _________________

Markets where product will be available ______________________

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