Medical Institution Brochure Template

A Medical institution brochure template is the draft of that document which gives detailed idea about a medical institute, its teachings, its faculties, educational facilities etc to the potential students. Any such template acts as an important document for medical institutes as most of the required content is already present and the user only needs to add a few points of details of the institute in order to personalise the template. Infact these templates pay a lot of focus to the format and structure of the document thus making it easier for the user to make additions or modifications. These documents are quite inexpensive as well.

Sample Medical institution brochure template



Download Medical Institution Brochure Template


Name of the medical institution _____________________________

Address ________________________________

Established in ____________________________ [year]

About us __________________________________________________

______________________________________________ [give an overall idea about the institute on this section]

Departments of the institute: [this section would contain the overall information about various departments of the medical institute]

Department 1 ______________________________________

Description of department 1 __________________________

Department 2 ____________________________

Description of department 2 _______________________

Department 3 ________________________

Description of department 3 _____________________

Admission procedure for entrance qualified students and foreign students:



Outdoor facilities provided to the patients by the students of the institute


Achievements of the students:


___________________________________ [mention detailed student’s achievements of the institute]

Fees structure: [mention the fees structure of various courses offered by the institute]


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