Microsoft Word Report Template

A Microsoft word report template is one of the many templates offered by Microsoft, as part of its software package, used for creating a report. Like any other word processor, Microsoft Word has the option of different types of templates which form the basic structure helping one to write a report. The template has a design and dummy headings with blank spaces which can be filled up by the person creating the report according to his requirements and the topic of the report. The template also provides options to include charts, diagrams and other pictorial statistics to brighten up the report. One can explore Microsoft Word and find out about more template options and use it according to one’s needs.

Sample Microsoft Word Report Template:


Microsoft Word Report Template

Download Microsoft Word Report Template

Name of report: [Mention the main title of the report in the first line. You can increase the font size and underline it to make it stand out from the rest]


Subtitle: [Write the subtitle below the main title to further expand the name of the report topic]


Submitted by: [Give the name of the person submitting the report. In some cases, one may have to mention the name of an institute or organisation]


Date: [Give the date of submission]


Contents: [Write list of contents with chapters, page numbers]

Objectives: [Describe the purpose of the report]

Methodology: [Mention methods used to conduct research and write this report]

Introduction: [Introduce the topic of report]

Body: [Write report in details, also include diagrams where required]

Conclusion: [Conclude with summary of report]

Citation: [Names of books or websites you referred to]

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