Monthly Employee Schedule Template

The monthly employee schedule template is usually made for keeping an account of the list of employees who work on the given month in the work place. This is very important for keeping tabs in the everyday operations in the business facility. The schedule is created to maintain a balance of work among the employees. The monthly schedule is created alphabetically with the list of employees on the left hand of the grid and the months on the top of the grid. The monthly employee schedule template is created by a manager or a supervisor. This template must be created meticulously as it determines work flow within the business.

Sample Monthly Employee Schedule Template:

Monthly Employee Schedule Template

Download Monthly Employee Schedule Template

Monthly Employee Schedule

Name and address of the Company: ___________________________ [State the name and address of the company for which the monthly schedule is being made]Name of Manager:_____________________[Mention the name of the manager who is responsible for the employee schedule]

Date: ____[dd/mm/yy]  [Mention the date of creation of the schedule]

Schedule period: _____ to _____ [Mention the starting month to the last working month]

Name of Employees [Write down the names of the employee alphabetically who are stated to work for the months] Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Total months worked [Make an average of the total months worked by every employee here]
Signature: ______________ [Provide a valid signature of the manager creating the schedule. An official company seal can also be used.]

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