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An office schedule template is a document which creates the outline that can be used to make an office work schedule. Every office has a number of chores which are assigned to certain people and must be finished within a particular period. To make sure that the chores are completed and the office runs in a smooth and efficient manner, the head or supervisor must create an office schedule, either on a daily or weekly basis. The office schedule must clearly mention what are the different tasks expected from which employees and how much time they have to finish it. By looking at the schedule, the employees can plan their work accordingly.

Sample Office Schedule Template:

Office Schedule Template

Download Office Schedule Template

Office Schedule

Name and address of company: __________ [Mention name and location of company]
Week starts from ____ to ____: [Mention day and date of the office schedule]
Name of department: __________ [Name the department for which the schedule is made]
Name of supervisor: _________ [Give name of the supervisor or head of the department who creates the schedule and whose approval is required]
Name of employee, assignment and deadline [Mention the name of the employees, what tasks are expected to be completed by them and by when] Names of days [Check if the designated tasks have been performed]
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1)     ________2)     ________

3)     ________

4)     ________

5)     ________

6)     ________

7)     ________

8)     ________

9)     ________

10)  ________

Other comments: [Mention if there are any more comments about the office schedule]

____________ Signature of supervisor and his designation

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