Party Schedule Template

A party schedule template is a document which gives the format in which a party schedule will be constructed. A party schedule is very important to organise all the important activities related to the arrangement and success of a party. A party schedule must first start with the budget, how much are you going to spend on food, decorations, utensils, music and entertainment etc and depending on the budget, a schedule must be made to purchase the things. There should be enough time to buy groceries and cook the food or buy decoration items and decorate the house or hall. Work can also be designated to different people and can be mentioned in the schedule for record.

You can Download the Free Party Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Party Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Party Schedule Template:

Party Schedule Template

Download Party Schedule Template


Party Schedule

Date of party: __________ [Mention day and date when the party is being held]
Time: ____________ [Mention the time when the party starts]
Location: ____________ [Give address of the house or hall where the party is taking place]

Names and contact information of guests [Make a list of all the guests invited in the party along with their address and phone number] Total Budget: ________ [Mention amount to be spent in all the different areas]
Food and drinks [Mention amount of money to be spent on groceries, preparation of food and drinks] Music and entertainment [Write the amount allotted for any entertainment] Decoration [Mention amount spent on items of decoration] Others [Mention amount spent on miscellaneous items like utensils, glasses etc]
1)     ________2)     ________

3)     ________

4)     ________

5)     ________

6)     ________

7)     ________

8)     ________

9)     ________

10)  ________


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