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A personal letterhead refers to a letterhead which is created to meet the personal requirements of an individual. The individual in whose name the letterhead is drawn, is the only authoritative person who can use the letterhead. Some other individual may make use of the letterhead but only on authorization from the person whose letterhead is being used. The personal letterhead template given is a sample document which serves the purpose of a regular letterhead which is used by the individual for making personal announcements or making private conversations etc. The template is extremely helpful in framing the letterhead.

You can Download the Free Personal Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Personal Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Personal Letterhead Template


Personal Letterhead Template

Download Personal Letterhead Template

Logo/ Picture

[In the box above place a picture or a sign that the user wishes to place as a sign of himself/herself]

Name of the user

[Here write the name of the individual in whose name the letterhead is being framed]

Slogan or a message

[Insert here a message or a slogan that the user of the letterhead wishes to spread (optional)]

Year Span

[Write the span/ period of year or months for which the letterhead is valid]


[Here begin writing the content of the letter/ notice i.e. in this space fill the information that is to be conveyed to the recipients by the way of this document]____________________________________________

Personal correspondence address

[Fill in the correspondence address of the individual in whose name the letterhead is being prepared]

Contact No.

[Here write the contact no. of the respective individual]

Email Address

[Write the email address of the respective individual]

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