PMBOK Statement Of Work Sample

Before the beginning of any small scale or large scale project in a business organization, it is very essential to document all the project details so as to prepare a detailed outline of the courses of action. The special documentation that is prepared before the initiation of the project is known as statement of work or SOW. Generally, preparing a statement of work is the task of a project manager and s/he can take the assistance of other members in the project management team in order to build the proper project guide.

An effective statement of work is very essential for successful project management. The Project Management Body of Language or PMBOK is a concept associated with the project management. It can be said as a community establishing the specific guidelines for the preparation of a statement of work. Let’s see as how a PMBOK statement of work sample should be written in order to ensure a hassle free project completion.

How To Write An Effective SOW

  • The statement of work should be in chronological order starting from sections like summary, objectives, scope, list of deliverables, associated risks and list of stakeholders.
  • The summary should clearly define the purpose the project and the underlying strategies to be implemented.
  • The objectives of the project should be written in a specific and realistic manner. The deadlines must be mentioned so as to make it authentic and real time.
  • The scope should be written in a clear and concise way.
  • The risks or the hurdles that may crop up in the execution phase of the project should be outlined and the remedies that would be taken at that time should also be discussed. In this way, the SOW can result in a successful completion of the project.

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