Pregnancy Diet Plan Template

A pregnancy Diet plan template is a written document about the basic nutrition need of the pregnant mother and the baby to ensure good health. Such templates are formulated for the knowledge of the to-be-mother on what all to eat when expecting and foods to be avoided.

You can Download the Free Pregnancy Diet Plan Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print.  Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Diet Plan Template:-

Pregnancy Diet Plan Template

Download Diet Plan Template

Name of the Patient: – ____________________ [mention here name of the patient]

Date of Birth: – ________________________ [dd/mm/yy]

LMP: – ______________________________ [last monthly period]

Due Date: – ____________________________ [mention here due date of delivery given by your gynecologist]

Blood Group: – ___________________________ [mention your blood group]

Married since: – ___________________________ [mention it’s been how many years since married]

Children: – _______________________________ [mention if you have any children]

Disease, if any: – ________________________________ [mention if suffering from any disease such as asthma, thalesimia]

Allergies, if any: – ______________________________ [mention if you are allergic to any kind of food such as nut allergy or any other]

Medicine Allergy: – _____________________________ [mention if allergic to any medicine group such as Asthalin or Augpen]

Foods/ Supplements to be taken during pregnancy:-[Here the allowed food items needs to be mentioned]

  • Folic Acid to reduce the risk of neural tube defect in the baby
  • Vitamin A for baby’s development
  • Iron from both animal sources and plant sources
  • Calcium target consumption of 1000 mg per day

Foods to be avoided during pregnancy: – [Here the food which is to be avoided is mentioned]

  • Nuts as these can cause nut allergy in the child
  • Alcohol as it can be harmful for the baby
  • Tea/ coffee as it contains caffeine
  • Oily fish

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