Preschool Newsletter Template

Preschool newsletters are an effective method of sharing information about what’s happening in the preschool classroom. Preschool newsletters can be sent home with students or they can also be mailed to parents in electronic format through mails. When you are thinking about starting a preschool newsletter, there are a number of factors to consider, such as how to prepare the newsletter, what content to include and how frequently to publish. Some of the things that are needed to be determined in the set-up process of the preschool newsletter template are the number of pages, the types of columns, and their headings. The following is a sample preschool newsletter template for your reference.

You can Download the Free Preschool Newsletter Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Preschool Newsletter Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Newsletter Template

Preschool Newsletter Template

Download Preschool Newsletter Template

Welcome to the ____ edition of the ___________________ [Specify the name of the newsletter template]

___________ [Mention the date of the issue]

Newsletter edited by: ______No. of pages: _______ NEW PROGRAMS OFFERED BY THE PRESCHOOL: [Mention the updates of programs here]

  • [Programe1]
  • [Programe2]
  • [Programe3]
  • [Programe4]
  • [Programe5]
NEWS FROM THE TEACHERS: [Include information from each instructor about themes they are teaching and special events in the classroom]

  1. [News article1] feature covered by [instructor1]
  2. [News article2] feature covered by [instructor2]
  3. [News article3] feature covered by [instructor3]
  4. [News article4] feature covered by [instructor4]
PRESCHOOL CALENDAR: [Mention the preschool calendar that lists upcoming activities such as parties, field trips and vacation days]__________________________________________________________
PARENT’S RESPONSE: [Mention how parents can contribute in the development process of the child in the preschool]E-mail address: ______________________

Phone: _____________________________

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