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Purchase templates are the official tool to execute the purchasing orders and are used for official and personal purposes. A purchase template is required at the time of purchasing some assets or goods such as a vehicle, real estate, house and building, etc. Contact details of the seller & purchaser parties, details of the assets and other such details needs to be mentioned in the template. Some official terms & conditions, termination and payment clauses are the other significant parts of the purchase template.

Types of the Purchase templates:

  • Real estate purchase template
  • Vehicle purchase template
  • House purchase templates, etc

To draft an effective purchase template, it is necessary to compile all the essential details.

Following mentioned are the important factors required to prepare a purchase template:

  • Make columns for purchase order number and for the date in the template.
  • Make columns for the contact details of the purchase and seller parties, including the phone number.
  • Give the full details of the assets or the goods purchased.
  • Discuss the covenants, payment terms and termination clauses by providing all the details in the purchase template.
  • Spare some space for the signature of both the parties.

Thus keep the given factors into consideration while preparing an effective purchase template.

Sample Real Estate Purchase Template:

Real estate purchase template

Download Template

Sample Vehicle Purchase Template:

Vehicle purchase template


Download Template

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