Questionnaire Templates

Questionnaire templates are referred to the layout of that document in which a set of questions are arranged in order to elicit substantial information from the respondents. This kind of template is the most conventional ones as because the space and answers depends on the kind of questions that is being asked.

This question format of the template is highly accepted by many and they are mainly designed for gathering the exact answer from the respondents. However, sometimes the particular templates turned out to be more complex due to the extensiveness of the topic that is depicted or for less clarity of the questions that is framed. Hence, one should keep few points in finger tips for constructing one such template. They are as follows.

  • Preciseness of the questions: This is one of the important factors to be noted while framing such templates as because long questions might deter the interest of the respondent to answer all the questions completely of a template.
  • Readability: The language should be so constructed that is understandable by the intended respondents and they do not misinterpret any questions while answering.
  • Complexity: Avoid framing complex questions as it makes the template more complicated for the respondents to answer accurately.

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