Relationship Quiz Template

A relationship quiz template can be used for guidance while framing quiz questions on relationships. The questions can range from relationship building, relationship maintenance, sexual problems, family problems, etc.

You can Download the Free Relationship Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Relationship Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Relationship Quiz template:

Relationship Quiz Template

Download Relationship Quiz template

Name of the Quiz:       ____________________________

Designed by:              ____________________________ [Give the creator of the relationship quiz]

Following are some of the multiple choice questions on relationships. Please choose the option that you think is right among the four options given below each question.

1. How can couples resolve their differences of opinion? [This question tests the relationship issues and how to deal with them]

a)   By fighting it out [Provide your options here]

b)   By compromising

c)   By mutual understanding and discussion

d)   By proving oneself right

2. What is the best way to know that one is in a relationship? [This question is related to the initial phase of a relationship]

a)   By proposing and accepting each other [Provide your options here]

b)   By tying the knot

c)   By intuition

d)   None

3. What is the parameter to gauge the success of a relationship?

a)   The duration of the relationship [Provide your options here]

b)   The depth of the relationship

c)   The mutual respect and trust in the relationship

d)   None

4. Relationship between members of a same family is preferable. True or False

a)   True [Provide your options here]

b)   False

5. What should be the solution to sexual problems being faced by one or both partners? [This question tests the sexual issues that can arise in a relationship]

a)   Advice from a sexologist [Provide your options here]

b)   Mutual discussion

c)   Withdrawal from the relationship

d)   None

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